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My Favorite Possesion

My Favorite Possesion Free Online Research Papers My preferred belonging is a guitar. I can't live without it. The motivation behind why I love it so much is that its been hand produced using my extraordinary, incredible, extraordinary, incredible, incredible, incredible, incredible, extraordinary, extraordinary granddad. This guitar means everything to me. For what reason does it mean to such an extent? All things considered, it has our family ancestry on it since the late 1890s. So this guitar is antiquated!. Initially my grandpa revealed to me a story that my extraordinary, incredible, extraordinary, incredible, extraordinary, extraordinary, extraordinary, extraordinary, distant grandpa had cut this guitar for his better half since she wanted to hear music, and she wanted to move. Furthermore, he adored her so much, he would have strolled to the moon multiple times for her. Each time I hear that story, I like it much increasingly more since you can comprehend what it implies. This very guitar was made out of adoration. I love thi s guitar, I like to play with it. I have a great deal of recollections with it. One Christmas eve, as everybody was sitting near the chimney, drinking hot cocoa, my grandmother got in the state of mind to move. She advised my mother to get the guitar, and she requested (energetically) for me to play. So I did. She got my grandpa and they moved around our lounge. Everybody was giggling and having a good time. You ought to have seen the sparkle in my grandmothers eyes as though they were chuckling inside; as she peered toward me with the guitar. Be that as it may, soon, my grandpa became tired and I halted, she despite everything continued moving; she instructed me to continue playing and she got my multi year-old sibling and hit the dance floor with him! I couldn't and would not quit snickering! Exploration Papers on My Favorite PossesionThe Effects of Illegal ImmigrationNever Been Kicked Out of a Place This NiceBook Review on The Autobiography of Malcolm XThe Spring and AutumnLifes What IfsAppeasement Policy Towards the Outbreak of World War 2Trailblazing by Eric AndersonThe Masque of the Red Death Room meaningsWhere Wild and West MeetHip-Hop is Art

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Dr. Martin Luther King Essay

Dr. Martin Luther King Essay Free Online Research Papers Being known as a man past his years, Martin Luther King Jr. imagined something that numerous during his timespan didn’t. He saw a chance of progress for minorities all through the United States. Regardless of the way that subjugation had been nullified for at some point, Dr. Ruler saw that contempt, mistreatment, and the need for genuine opportunity was as yet evident all through the nation. Rather than staying there hanging tight for transform, he made a move and started an upset that had never been found ever. This change, in Dr. King’s words had been well over due. Dr. Ruler had been especially propelled by a fantasy, this fantasy advancing into a ground-breaking development. During his time, integration of the South was seen by numerous individuals as a unimaginable undertaking. Albeit many barraged Dr. Ruler with scorn, he disregarded the negative and still strived to accomplish his fantasy. Dr. King’s vision was consistently present and endeavored in the prior years him, however none end up being effective because of exacting laws made by southern authorities. Enlivened by Gandhi, Dr. Ruler utilized peaceful strategies for dissent to move the hearts of humankind, yet in addition to rouse young people to seek after their fantasies and desires. The devotees of Dr. Lord held numerous serene showings including walks and demonstrations to realize change. The fundamental aim of the shows was to get a point across calmly, yet a few occasions lead to brutality delivered by the police power and supremacist associations. The savagery and disdain of some lone made an everlasting craving in Dr. King’s devotees to continue squeezing ahead in arriving at their objective. Dr. Lord and his adherents reached the resolution that they would no longer permit themselves to divert their backs from such abuse. This was in the advantage for dark rights, yet for the privileges of all persecuted far and wide. Martin Luther King Jr. has demonstrated himself to be an incredible visionary and radically affected the world because of his activities. He pushed and pushed, and in the end observed the hearts of his individual man gradually change. Unfortunately, as such a significant number of incredible men before him he died before he saw his vision in full impact. Dr. King’s dream despite everything lives on today imparted in the core of each American regardless of what race or ethnicity. At the point when we look at what Dr. Ruler achieved, we see a man who changed the world. Martin Luther King Jr. will consistently be recollected in history as an incredible man. Research Papers on Dr. Martin Luther King EssayComparison: Letter from Birmingham and CritoBringing Democracy to AfricaCanaanite Influence on the Early Israelite Religion19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraAssess the significance of Nationalism 1815-1850 EuropeWhere Wild and West MeetMind TravelQuebec and CanadaCapital PunishmentRelationship between Media Coverage and Social and

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Educational psychology essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Instructive brain research - Essay Example People who have a place with the high society level are required to go to private schools and colleges situated inside the urban areas or in a rural network. In all actuality, this is clear with the end goal that people who have a place with rich families are bound to go to a tuition based school though the low-pay workers can be found in government funded schools. The money related abilities of every family impact the individual’s general direction in life, for example, way of life, scholastic foundation, individual convictions, including each student’s received learning capacities and aptitudes. All together for the teachers to have the option to oblige an assorted understudy populace inside a solitary learning condition, the instructor must decide the financial foundation of every understudy. Taking into account that people who have a place with the lower class society are more averse to get a decent scholarly establishment when they were youthful, this kind of understudies pretty much would require additional instructional exercise to empower them to find the exercises being educated in class.1 all in all, there is a requirement for teachers to create trust and a decent correspondence line among the understudies. This is one viable manner by which the teacher could comprehend the specific scholarly and enthusiastic needs of every understudy. Conduct way to deal with learning is concerned fundamentally with the conduct of people which can be quantifiable through perception since we truly can't see the how the psyche works.2 The main thing we can see is each individual’s activity, response, and conduct. Behaviorism for the most part see learning advancement as a consistent procedure wherein every individual playa a generally uninvolved job. As per B.F. Skinner, behaviorism is worried about improvement reaction associations wherein upgrade makes individuals act and rehash a demonstration more frequently.3 Positive conduct towards learning could impact a superior learning result. Social Approach to learning is a learning procedure

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Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Cal Bar Fylse Essay Samples

Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Cal Bar Fylse Essay Samples Ruthless Cal Bar Fylse Essay Samples Strategies Exploited If you purchase questions from all available sources, you will notice repeat questions since they are totally getting their questions from the exact sources! You might also want to use different sources to help you answer the question, but the main resource for answering the question should become your textbook. During the time you're here, have a look at my website. Your solution needs to be complete, but you shouldn't volunteer information or discuss legal doctrines which are not pertinent to the solution of the issue. I believe this book has a really fantastic introduction for somebody who has never taken the bar exam and does not have any idea how it's graded. But, I believe this book ought to be supplemented with a different source for examples of essays written in a different style to be able to stay mindful of all of the styles that are suitable for the bar exam. A recipe book usually includes a particular set of dishes, and additionally, it helps your book to be noticed and allow prospective buyers to seek out your book. It's possible to employ your class notes, case book, or a business briefs book to come across the rules. The One Thing to Do for Cal Bar Fylse Essay Samples In the event the question orders you to ignore something, ignore it! People today feel the minimal possible amount of control over this area of the exam and have zero idea how to improve them. The most important theme that runs thought the entire poem is among the daily struggle an elderly gentleman's has to go through although people might take note of his presence they're ignorant to the simple fact of the assistance and support he might need. They can't be transferred to a different man and they're non-refundable. Make sure that you have a crystal clear comprehension of the fact pattern and the players involved. The important thing is finding the most important data and not speaking about anything else. The third primary reason issue is linked to our economy. The title is the name of the major character. The Secret to Cal Bar Fylse Essay Samples Be aware that the majority of these exams do not include Civil Procedure questions. So once you make it into re-read, your will pass or fail depending on the written portion of the exam. In your Study Guide, you will see instructions on the particular requirements for your personal course. The Written Assignments Completion of the Written Assignment permits you a chance to demonstrate a thorough and in depth comprehension of the subject issue. Nobody said that studying would be simple, but it is going to be well worth it. I tell you just how the graders think and what they are searching for. In doing this you may decide to describe the kinds of classes, assignments, and faculty you've encountered. These are about ten distinct classes each week. Maybe you have even found yourself in the identical circumstance and have been putting off studying for some time now. Nationwide, bar examinations are becoming tougher. It's for serious, committed men and women that are ready to center on passing the bar this July. You will observe the method by which the NCBE likes to test certain regions of law. Points from all 3 components of the exam are added with each other to attain a whole score. The faculty would like to be sure you recognize the concepts covered in the textbook. Many students believe they don't have any opportunity to waste on outlining. You should know essay law in far more detail and to have the ability to recite test elements. Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Provide a summary of the principal capabilities. The Writing Edge is not for everybody. Mastering the essay component is important to bar success. Structure I advise my students to obey a basic four paragraph structure for these sorts of questions. When you know what things to improve on your essays and PTs, then it's possible to discover how to improve. Treating the essay portion like an interview will be able to help you understand that you currently have the skills necessary to be prosperous. In addition, I don't like there are only model answers for a couple of essays per subject and then charted answers for the remainder. Write the summary in your words. In case the question asks you to write from the view of plaintiff's counsel, make sure that you do that! For instance, if you believe that a statement is admissible under the dying declaration to the hearsay rule, you have to first explain what hearsay is, then explain that it is normally inadm issible, then explain that there are particular exceptions. You want to reveal the exam grader which you are the kind of lawyer they would want to work with! Attempt to summarize a case in a couple of sentences. How to Get Started with Cal Bar Fylse Essay Samples? Here are a few of the rules that go with this. We've got MBE questions offered for purchase on the site, including over 1600 released questions in an on-line app where you are able to observe how you're scoring by subject and topic. Listen to the class audio lectures anywhere it's possible to carry an iPod. The iPod rental program is intended to help you take the lectures with you, wherever you choose to study. You state the rules like you're sure they are the correct rules to apply (hopefully you're right). If your payment isn't received before the last filing deadline, your application is going to be abandoned and you'll be accountable for paying all outstanding fees including late fees. This technique won't only help you memorize concepts better, but offer you a practical application of them so that you aren't only memorizing information, but actively learningit. The application deadline is going to be enforced in the event the payment isn't received within the published deadlines.

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Belize Logistics Essay - 1322 Words

The history of Belize dates back thousands of years. The official name of the territory was changed from British Honduras to Belize in June 1973. â€Å"The current government of Belize took form when they declared their independence in 1981. This government is headed by the Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II, who is acting head of state. The Queen is represented by a Governor General due to her having to reside in Great Britain. The Governor General is the true authority in power; however, he does not officially run the government that is led by the Prime Minister and his cabinet. Currently in the Senate there are 12 members, plus the President of the Senate. The Governor General appoints 6 senators on advice of the Prime†¦show more content†¦Most serious medical problems can be treated in Belize City’s main hospital. There are approximately 700 hospital beds in all of the country of Belize. Dental care is generally provided at approximately half the cost of that of American procedures, and is performed by quality trained US dental surgeons. Although they are rare and low risk to most visitors and residents, there are cases of Cholera, Typhoid Rabies and Malaria within Belize. As of 2009, nearly 5000 people within Belize’s adult population were living with HIV. Dengue is also present, and may be contracted through mosquitos. Wildlife poses as a threat to health while in Belize as well because there are many poisonous plants and animals throughout the country. Killer bees in Belize are also cause for medical awareness as they are quite aggressive, but humans can be protected from them simply with bug spray. Although food from street vendors is generally safe, tourists often suffer from â€Å"Belize Belly† because their stomachs are not accustomed to digesting those types ofShow MoreRelatedGod s Life With Believers And Non Believers987 Words   |  4 Pagesdemonstrate the characteristics of a servant leader and has perpetually concern for others in difficult circumstances. There was an older woman, who was a founder and president of a Christian ministry in Central Belize. This leader became a spiritual mentor to me and taught me all the logistics of the overall operations of the school program of this ministry. In addition, she instructed me to lead short-term mission teams from the United States. As a ministry worker, she was rather tough on me and neverRead MoreThe Need, Idea, And Tested Concept958 Words   |  4 Pagesbut rather it is about satisfying your costumer. Young visionary entrepreneurs attack the market by looking at the untouched or abandoned spots. Bridging North America and South America, Central America including El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama have a population of 31 million people. Seventy five prevent of these people travel by land and twenty five prevent travel by air. Violent crime in Central America is reaching breathtaking levels. Murder rates inRead MoreImpact of International Business on the Global Economy4621 Words   |  19 Pagesinternational business company, is how to select from the available options. Belize is such a country that entered the offshore industry after carefully analyzing and adopting the best features of some of the best offshore jurisdictions in existence. Its long history of democracy and stability, enhanced by its legal system which is based on English common law, have made it the premier source for easy market transition (â€Å"Belize Offshore Consultants†). Strategic Planning in International Business TheRead MoreInternational Business : Cross Border Commerce1460 Words   |  6 PagesCommon Market was created in 1969 to abolish all barriers between Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru. Caribbean Community and Common Market was created in 1973 to promote the economic integration and development between Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, etc. European Union was formed in 1992 to improve the political, economic, and social interactions between other EU members while using a single currency called the Euro. Association of Southeast Asian NationsRead MoreMarket Analysis : The Whole Mexican Market2974 Words   |  12 Pageszinc and natural gas have made Mexico an important energy and material exporter. Benefits of doing business in Mexico Strategic geographic location Located in the North American subcontinent, Mexico is placed with the U.S to the north, Guatemala and Belize to the south, the Gulf of Mexico to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Mexico and the United States share nearly 2,000 miles of borderland. This geographic location makes Mexico an ideal place to serve the U.S, one of the largest consumerRead MoreComparing Mexicos Pyramids to Egypts3404 Words   |  14 Pagesstructures. Although they are not nearly as celebrated as the Egyptian pyramids and have not received comparable scholarly attention, the extraordinary pyramids, temples, and other structures constructed by the Maya in what is now southern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and parts of El Salvador and Honduras are nonetheless significant from archaeological, historical, architectural, and engineering perspectives. Like the ancient Egyptians, the MayaÂâ€"whose civilization dates from at least 3000 B.C. and whoRead MorePricing Startegies for Mcdonald2297 Words   |  10 Pagesused which is â€Å"I’d Hit It†. It is the name of a McDonalds banner advertisement, part of the im lovin it campaign. The phrase, which is slang for Id have sex with it, had been proved controversial. Id Hit It banner ad controversy [pic] LOGISTIC AND DISTRIBUTIONS McDonald’s is a company that distributes their products throughout the world using the franchising method. Franchising is the granting of a license by one person (the franchisor) to another (the franchisee), which entitles theRead MoreHard Rock Cafe Case Study5960 Words   |  24 PagesAmerican locations. Hard Rock Cafe have turned to outsourced logistics in 2003 - Hard Rock Cafe International Inc. is outsourcing logistics for its signature souvenirs and apparel in an effort to improve service levels to its stores and cut costs. Logistics Outsourcing Methodology and deep experience in transportation and global distribution helped us make a critical long-term strategic decision. Projected benefits from Hard Rock Cafes logistics outsourcing initiative include: -- Reduced North AmericanRead MoreHard Rock Cafe Case Study5950 Words   |  24 PagesAmerican locations. Hard Rock Cafe have turned to outsourced logistics in 2003 - Hard Rock Cafe International Inc. is outsourcing logistics for its signature souvenirs and apparel in an effort to improve service levels to its stores and cut costs. Logistics Outsourcing Methodology and deep experience in transportation and global distribution helped us make a critical long-term strategic decision. Projected benefits from Hard Rock Cafes logistics outsourcing initiative include: -- Reduced North AmericanRead MoreLevis - 4 Ps5809 Words   |  24 PagesMiddle East: Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates Africa: Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa. Latin America: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela VALUES: Levi Strauss Co. has four major core values. These are †¢ -Empathy

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Argument Against Charles Darwins Theory of Evolution Essay

Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution to explain the origin, diversity and complexity of life. I will will disprove evolution by showing that natural selection only explains small evolutionary changes, collectively known as microevolution. Natural selection cannot drive large evolutionary changes, macroevolution. I will also show that the primordial soup, in which life supposedly evolved, did not exist. Neo-Darwinism incorporates the discoveries of modern science into Darwins original theory while leaving the basic beliefs intact. Darwin proposed that individuals with favorable traits are more likely to survive and reproduce. Darwin called this process natural selection. Darwin did not understand how or why variation†¦show more content†¦Natural selection forces animals and plants to adapt. Microevolution happens, and it has been observed in numerous scientific experiments. The real question is not whether or not microevolution happens. It does, but can microevolution be extended to explain large evolutionary changes? Such changes require new genes. Natural selection only optimizes existing genes: If a gene does not exist, it cannot provide a selective advantage. Natural selection only operates on existing genes. When an existing gene tries to evolve into a new gene, the evolving gene must provide some selective advantage, before natural selection can drive the transition. (The declaration of many evolutionists that natural selection drives the transition every step of the way, implies that the evolving gene must perform its new function before it evolves into the new gene. This is like saying a bird with no wings can fly.) Random chance not natural selection is responsible for the evolution of new genes. Until an evolving gene offers some competitive advantage, natural selection is out of the picture. If evolution is not a viable theory, then why is it generally accepted by modern science and why is it often taught as a proven fact in high school and college? To answer this question, let us take a trip back in time to the late 1800s. Darwin observed birds on the Galapagos islands over 100 years ago, and the variation that heShow MoreRelatedCharles Darwin s Theory Of The Creation Of Species1560 Words   |  7 PagesEnglish 2 Mr. Johnson 2/16/15 Project Eagle Final Paper: Charles Darwin Charles Darwin has become Christianity’s greatest enemy with his theories of the creation of species and has caused people to turn their backs on faith and look to science to be their religion. The way in which Darwin describes the creation of species in The Origin of Species does not agree with how species are created in Christian teachings. Charles Darwin’s theories have impacted so many different aspects of life fromRead MoreHow Did Life Start?1696 Words   |  7 Pagestoday is a product of evolution. It is only natural to want to have a firm grasp on the answer. These questions are not something to simply have a quick concise answer. To get to the root of the question requires thought and time, Charles Darwin expressed his answer in the form of a book. When Darwin wrote The Origin of Species, it was a product of its time; remarkably over 150 later it is still a substantial read. To understand the jaw dropping response of Charles Darwin’s Origin of S pecies, oneRead MoreDarwin s Theory Of Evolution Essay918 Words   |  4 Pages When Charles Darwin wrote The Origin Of Species, there was controversy over his theory of evolution natural selection. Darwin’s theory was debated between Thomas Huxley and Samuel Wilberforce at the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1860. Wilberforce was against the idea that all living things descended from a common ancestor. He was highly critical of Darwin’s research, often arguing in his review that many points in Darwin’s theory did not have enough support to be valid. Read MoreOn the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin1148 Words   |  5 PagesLife by Charles Darwin (renamed On the Origin of Species 13 years later) was published in London, England. In it, Charles Darwin specified his observations and gave his insight on what he thought caused evolution. He called it natural selection. Before this, nearly everyone believed that a single God created every living organism that none of them had changed a bit since then. Charles Darwins On the Origin of Species influenced the minds of 1859 and impacted all of science. Charles DarwinRead MoreCreationism vs. Darwinism: A Comparative Analysis1530 Words   |  6 Pagescreationist beliefs. Additionally, Darwinism is explored and the differences between Creationism and Darwinism are analyzed. Despite overwhelming evidence that supports the existence and validity of Darwinism, there are still arguments made that attempt to discredit evolution. The battle between Creationists and Darwinists extends beyond science and religion and has proliferated academia. Although this issue has often been presented before the courts at a federal level, Creationists have repeatedlyRead MoreCharles Darwin s Theory Of Evolution918 Words   |  4 PagesCharles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is the most successful theory of it’s kind. Darwin’s idea of Natural Selection has found success not just in the organic world, but also in human society. This is no coincidence. After Darwin’s Beagle voyage, he returned to England during the Industrial Revo lution. As a man of wealth, Darwin acted as a first-hand witness to the societal changes occurring around him. The Industrial Revolution, along with the corresponding economic theories played a large role inRead MoreCharles Darwin: Naturalist and Leader in Science1414 Words   |  6 Pagesassess Charles Darwin’s influence as a non-positional leader. I will also show a historical analysis, including my reasons for choosing Darwin as my subject, his background, the success and failures of his influence, as well as his legacy. Finally, I will submit my vision of non-positional leadership and mechanisms for leaders to explore their non-positional roles. Charles Darwin’s influence uses some of Gardner’s â€Å"levers† or factors that are at work in the case of Darwin’s scientific theories changingRead MoreDarwinists and Dissenters1535 Words   |  7 PagesDid God create the universe or did the universe create itself? Ever since Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species was first published in 1859, the debate between those that believe life was brought into existence by supernatural means and those who believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution has been fierce. Each side presents compelling arguments that may sway any uneducated reader to agree with their position based solely on the confidence they portray in their writings. However, because of the vastnessRead MoreDarwin s Theory Of Evolution1339 Words   |  6 PagesCountless scientists spent their lives working on a succinct theory of evolution, but none found as great of popularity and success as Charles Darwin. Using his concept of Natural Selection, Darwin managed to explain evolution in not just the organic world, but also in humans. The fact that Darwin’s theory transfers so easily to human society is no coincidence. After Darwin’s Beagle voyage, he returned to England during the Industrial Revolution. As a man of wealth, Darwin acted as a first-hand witnessRead MoreCharles Darwins Scientific Theory of Evolution1284 Words   |  6 Pages Charles Darwin is well-known for his groundbreaking work on evolutionary biology. Among his many contributions, The Origin of Species is the most associated with his name. He introduces the scientific theory of evolution and suggests that species have evolved over a period of many generations through a process called natural selection. Darwins theories have created much controversy among his colleagues and led to great amounts of debate. However, the massive amount of criticism directed at Darwin

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One Another by Their Morphology free essay sample

Bacteria can be distinguished from one another by their morphology (size, shape, and staining characteristics). In this lab experiment, bacterial morphology was examined by observing both stained and unstained organisms. A wet mount is a preparation process where a live specimen in culture fluid is placed on a slide and the organism is free to move about. In the wet mount slides provided via LabPaq software with cheek, dental plaque, and yeast specimens were observed. The wet mount preparations were difficult to observe because of poor contrast, however, a common occurrence in the specimens were cells large in size and translucent in color. The slides provided with direct staining using crystal violet gave the most imagining of morphology. The directly stained cells gave off a purplish hue to the cells, making them easier to visualize and classify. The indirect specimens stained with congo red provided translucent cells while others were a brownish red, however, the cellular characteristics were easily distinguishable. We will write a custom essay sample on One Another by Their Morphology or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page There was no experiment provided in which indirect staining using both congo red and crystal violet was undertaken. It may be hypothesized therefore that in this case one may observe both red and purple stains of cells depending upon the negative or positive component of the cell. Staining enhances the visualization of smears and reveals differential characteristics such as morphology. As stated previously, utilizing a wet mount prepared slide, the specimens were difficult to visualize. However, using the staining methods, specific bacterial morphologies were identified. For example, at 100x, a direct stain of yeast returned a cluster of cocci. A stain is a chemical that adheres to structures of the microorganism and in effect dyes the microorganism so the microorganism can be easily seen under a microscope. Stains used in microbiology are either basic (direct) or acidic (indirect). Basic dyes are used for positive or direct staining and the specimen is stained while the background remains clear. Indirect staining is preparing colorless bacteria against a colored background. Acidic dyes are used for negative staining. In the experiments, the smears in each type of staining did not appear different in each type of staining. For example in the direct stain of the check, the cells appeared irregularly round shaped with a nucleus. With the indirect stain, the cheek cells had the same appearance as in the direct stain. The smears were the same, with only enhanced contrast due to staining. This is because staining whether direct or indirect does not change the appearance of the smears, only improves the images. This explains why the smears did not appear different in each type of staining. When observing the cells in the plaque and those in the yeast smears, it can be noted that both contain cocci, however, the cocci in the plaque smears were in chains, whereas the cocci in the yeast smears were in clusters. The cells seen in the smear from the mouth smear yielded large, flat, irregularly shaped cells that contained a nucleus. The cells appeared to be independent of other cells and scattered about. The irregular flat shape of the cell may predict the function of this cell to protect and propel foreign substances to the back of the mouth.